Painter, Potter

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  My background has enabled me to combine the sculptural, three dimensionality of objects made of clay, and the two dimensional, pictorial decoration of the surfaces. The viewing of the picture on the surface of a vase is different from that of a painting. There is a time element involved as one circles the object and follows the painting. It is these combinations that continue to inspire and fascinate me, the possibility of the continuous flow of figures in various activities, locations and scenarios, becoming an endless procession.

Botticelli's Angels
24'' X 16''

In the Medici Palace

26'' X 16''

"C'era Una Volta"
26'' X 14''

The Medici Hunt
26'' X 13''

The Russian Dancers
22'' X 16''
The Alhambra Vase

24'' X 20''


   In my large bowls I combine reclining women relaxing, playing music, some dancing, costumed in many colors of regional and traditional style. The figures seem to float in intersecting patterns that relate to the interior contour of the bowl. On the outside of the bowl architectural elements, such as windows, doors, designs of historical buildings, which repeat on the inside, provide a background of the figures. The effect is as if one has entered these buildings from the outside, finding the occupants within.

From Venice to Istanbul

26'' Diameter, 14'' High


   My third basic form is a platter, which in many cases portrays a single figure, playing a musical instrument, surrounded by accompanying musicians. An inspiring element lying within the use of musicians is the display of beautiful historical instruments, such as the “viola da gamba”, the lute, the harp. I use low fire earthenware clay, Amaco underglaze, and gold luster for the final decoration.

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Russian Dancer


Medieval Musicians


Lady on Newbury Street


The Playing Card

17'' X 10''

Playing Card #2
17'' X10''

Wall Pieces

Venice Wall Piece
22'' X 40''